Required associates for Internet marketing

The renowned company in the field of Internet Marketing Associates,needs associates for online business,with your own computer, with no initial investment. For the work you need a computer and internet connection.

What do you get by registering? 

By registering you get the initial bonus of 20, 40 or even 100 $ which By registering you get the initial bonus of 20, 40 or even 100 $ which you get paid a percentage of the earned revenue.

Many members when registering for the first time,and when they  log on there account,they feel completely 
lost (so was I felt) and above of all, you should check the correctness of your Gmail address, because they will give you a first instructions. The most important thing is to make contact 
with the sponsor  either via Facebook, Gmail or chat on your account.  When registering, you do not sign out with the task until you make contact with your  sponsor ... I wish you 
much success in future cooperation 

When you checking Gmail, make sure you look at the spam e-mails because mail of the subjects that you are not friends usually end up in the spam.

Establishing contact with your sponsor: 

when you register and login to your SFI account, you will notice above the place where you image shoud be, a puff (as in the comics) and clicking on the balloon you will open a chat at the bottom of the page and receive the first contact with  your sponsor. A few minutes after the registration takes you an email,with the main operating instructions to your gmail address and you can start with the first task assignment 

Register with your Gmail account, and if you don't have one,create it by clicking:

 If you have any questions please contact me on Facebook